Thailand High Quality Seeds 
How to grow high quality seeds 
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 How to Grow Sweet Corn
How to grow Corn

1. Introduction
Hybrid Corn Seed  (Zea mays L.). The ears average diameter 6-8 cm., average length 18-20cm. and are uniform in shape, with 12-14 rows of kernels. Early maturity 110 -120 days, suitable for intensive, multi-season farming. Vigorous growth, good tolerance to insects and disease, long and big twin ear, good husk cover, excellence tip filling, golden yellow grain and drought tolerant. They are perfect for garden, home or farm stand. They are well adapted to many regions which is one of the best selling types of corn. 

2. History of product 
Hybrid corn was produced from cross pollination of inbred lines of corn. Inbred lines involve plantation of pollen (found in the tassels of the plant) to the protected silks on the ear of the same plant by hands. Big King K1 Hybrid Corn Seed is one such type of corn developed by scientists over the years. 

3. Growing & Crop – Fertilize
  • Seeding: 18.75 KGs/ Ha
  • Sowing time: The rainy season, April – May, the end of the rainy season, July - August.
  • Crop: Can be harvested within just 110-120 days after sowing. Potential yield 7.5 tons/ha
  • Preparing the Soil
- Prepare the soil: For best results use 10 - 12 tons of fertilizer/manure per Ha.
- Plow thoroughly making sure that depth is between 10”-12”
- After plowing, leave the area undisturbed for 7-10 days
- After 7-10 days use 185-320 kg per Ha of fertilizer/manure 

  • Planting Corn
- Each row must be separated by 75 cm
- Each stalk distance must be between 25 cm-30 cm
- Use between 6.5kg– 10kg of seed for each Ha
- Each Ha can support between 43,750 - 53,125 corn stalks 


  • Fertilizer
- After 20-25 days of growth use 150kg-180kg per Ha of 46-0-0 formula or 300kg  per Ha of 21-0-0 formula

  • Harvesting
- After whole dries of seeds 7 days, 23% of  moisture


4. Purpose/Use 
 The uses can be broadly classified into:
  • Livestock feeding
  • Farmers feed these corns to dairy cattles, hogs and chickens.
  • Processed into fuel
  • Corncobs
  • Making hand soaps, cosmetics
  • Etc.
5. Benefits & Features 
 King K1 Hybrid Corn Seed needs average cool soil for growth. It is a superior type of corn which can resist diseases better. Because of their fantastic drought tolerant, they are the best selling corn. Their yield is very high and they are more productive than any other variety.

Big King K1 Hybrid Corn Comparison Chart

Variety Days to flowering

Maturity Day

Ear Length

Ear Diameter

Plant Height


Row Count

Min.soil temp

at planting*

Disease Resistance



18-20 cm.

6-8 cm.

210 cm.


25-35 ºC

Downy mildew,

Corn rust